Published 20. Apr. 2020

Green Lab for Energy Efficient Buildings - GLEEB

About the test lab:

Green Lab for Energy Efficient Buildings - GLEEB - is a further development of the test facilities at Danish Technological Institute, thus covering all relevant technologies of interest for energy efficient buildings.

GLEEB tests and demonstrates technologies and system solutions for the building envelope, heating and ventilation systems, use of solar energy, energy management and metering, smart buildings and smart grids as well as electricity consuming equipment and appliances. In addition, documentation and related consultancy are given in connection with completed buildings to ensure that energy efficient new building and renovations have the expected low energy consumption.

GLEEB contributes to the development, testing, demonstration and market maturing of energy efficient technologies for residential, public and commercial buildings.

GLEEB combines extensive international test and documentation facilities with consulting and technology services.

The customers and stakeholders of GLEEB are manufacturers, suppliers, business development initiatives, entrepreneurs, designers, consultants, EU projects, projects within the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EDDP), funding by the Danish Energy Association (ELFORSK), Innovation Fund, municipalities, etc.

GLEEB provides laboratory services at three levels:

  • Component Level
  • System Level
  • Building Level - New Buildings and Energy Renovated Buildings

GLEEB has received financial support from GREEN LABS DK, which is a subsidy scheme for the establishment of energy related test facilities at international level. GREEN LABS DK is supported by the Danish Energy Agency.

The lab is run by:

  • Danish Technological Institute

Contact: Lars Olsen


Phone: +45 72 20 21 74

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