About Uni-lab.dk

Climate change calls for a strong, joint action from research, industries and from the citizens. With uni-lab.dk we aim at bringing together all living labs and test labs in Denmark in order to enhance their cooperation among each other and with Danish industry.

Uni-lab.dk can help universities in Denmark find a suitable lab where they can develop their next sustainable solutions related to their particular research field. But it can also help the Danish companies find the right partners for the development, test and demonstration of their next-generation products.

Uni-lab.dk is built upon Center Denmark, a national hub for the digitization of the Danish energy systems.

Uni-lab.dk structure

The figure below shows the structure of uni-lab.dk and how it interacts with a wide range of national and international partners.

Around Center Denmark, we can find the several living labs established within the “FLEXIBLE ENERGY DENMARK” project. (The core of uni-lab.dk).

On the outer circle, all Danish and Northern European living labs, used for deployment, testing and demonstration of measures to mitigate CO2 emissions in the built environment, are included.

Uni-lab.dk interacts with the international UNILAB consortium (left side of the figure), international partners (right side of the figure), and with strategic international platforms and communities (bottom of the figure), e.g. with initiatives from the International Energy Agency.