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Kunstig Intelligens Colourbox Aau

Does your company have a product or a technology that is ready for being tested in the real market?

Contact us, we can investigate together with you which Living Lab is the best option for achieving your goals.


Aau Colourbox Byggeri

Is your company currently developing a product and in need of a test lab?

Do you see value in the support of top scientists from the Danish universities in further developing your products?

Contact us, we will find the right test lab for your technology development.

Colourbox Aau Intelligentforbrug

Do you have big data, AI and IoT issues related to the use or production of energy at any level, and need help for evaluating them?

Or, do you on the other hand need data to validate your product and technologies?

Contact us, we might be able to offer you solutions tailored around your needs.

Interested in joining Contact:

Davide Cali 520

Davide Cali

Researcher, DTU Compute

Henrik Madsen 2019 520

Henrik Madsen

Professor, Head of Centre, DTU Compute