Published 13. Nov. 2020

Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems Laboratory

About the lab:

 In the Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems Laboratory focus is on experimental work on setups, where mainly fluid power technology is used for energy conversion. Mechatronic systems where hydraulic actuators and components are tightly integrated with e.g. electrical motor drives are also part of our laboratory. Highly specialized control and monitoring systems are interfaced to sensors and transducers that allow measurement of e.g. hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical states.

Partners involved:

Aalborg University, Department of Energy Technology
Fluid Power and Mechatronic Section
Pontoppidanstræde 111
DK-9220 Aalborg


Michael M. Mech


Phone: +45 9940 3310

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Activities supported in the lab:

In the laboratory test and measurements are conducted in order to document real-word characteristics of mechatronic systems. Such characteristics may range from measurements of e.g. time-domain waveforms with high sampling rate up to system-level energy conversion efficiencies during complex load cycles. Also we put a great deal of effort into the implementation of data acquisition, monitoring and control systems.


Facts about the lab:

The laboratory has a large capacity with respect to hydraulic power, electrical power and water cooling including:

  • Four stationary hydraulic power units (up to 500 liter/min @ 350 bar)
  • Three smaller mobile HPU’s
  • Electrical power in the several hundreds of kW range

High-quality instrumentation is available to facilitate comprehensive measurement and control tasks.

Access to in-house first class mechanical workshop with e.g. five-axis milling machines and lathes.

Selected cases:

Energy Efficient Self-contained Hydraulic Drive Concept (SenDrive) 

HyDrive - Hydrostatic Drive Train Transmission for Renewable Energy Applications. The project is supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark and the involved companies. The project period is  April 2014 - April 30 2019.