Published 22. Jun. 2021

Rudersdal Living Lab: Birkenrødskolen

About the Living Lab:

Birkerød Skole is a new school, located in a building that has been completely renovates in 2013. The indoor climate of the school is closely monitored through indoor climate sensors in all of the school's classrooms located in the East-wing. In general, the school is well functioning, and the actual BMS system is upgraded with a smart box that can reduce inlet temperature to the radiators when a temperature-set-back is required, e.g. at night, weekends and during holidays. Solar radiation might negatively affect thermal comfort also in winter time.

Progress so far:

DTU Compute, together with CLIMIFY, has set up and tested connections to sensors, beacons and actuators including:

  • Indoor climate sensors: Temperature, relative humidity, CO2, Light, PIR (for presence recognition)
  • Window sensors: Window position (open/closed), temperature and humidity on window frame
  • Heat meters: Ultrasonic meters installed in different heating circuits.  
  • BEMS with measurements from heating systems and ventilation system
  • Smart thermostats: Zigbee (DANFOSS) and LoRaWAN (MCLIMATE) thermostats for accurate room control.
  • BLE beacons for occupants tracking and 2-ways occupants' communication

Through the feedback app FeedMe, occupants input will then enable the Human-in-the-Loop, occupant-centric model predictive control for each classroom.

Aim of the living lab:

  • Enhance indoor climate through IoT
  • Lowering return temperature to district heating
  • Saving heating energy in winter by predictive solar gain

Expected outcome:

  • High thermal comfort
  • 10% lower energy bill through lower district heating return temperature
  • 20% less energy use for heating

Partners involved:

  • Rudersdal
  • DTU Compute
  • UpSmarting
  • Center Denmark


Davide Calì


Phone: +45 21 83 23 96

The living labs is part of the project: HuiL-DEMand (EUDP, Case no.64021-1021).

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Facts about the school Borgerskolen:

Type of Living Lab: BUILDING (public school)

Year of retrofit: 2013

Last refurbishment: 2010

No. of floors: 1

Ventilation system: Mechanical balanced ventilation (CSV), exhaustion and natural ventliation

Heating system: Radiators 

Cooling system: No cooling

Building Management System (CTS): LTECH CTS

Control interfaces: Manual and digital thermostats and CTS control