Published 08. Oct. 2020

RetailTechLab, Lyngby Storcenter, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

The lab was opened in June 2020 and it is the first living lab for retail related technologies in Denmark. The lab is placed in a large mall in the middle of the city center. The Lab has four zones: 1) a pop-up shop where retailers are invited to sell their products while testing 2-3 new technologies at the same time, 2) a test and demo zone, 3) an event zone, and 4) a work & relax zone. The lab is open for the public everyday Mon-Fri from 11 AM – 5 PM.

The lab aims at testing at least 20 technologies every year. The technologies tested are very different and focus on the customer journey, omni channel solutions, robot technologies, data analytics, IOT, face recognition, and smart security tags, geodata, artificial intelligence, and new payment and delivery solutions.

There is a separate focus on the management of buildings related technologies to energy, heat, use of m2, lighting etc. The lab invites all start-ups from all over Denmark to use the lab for test and demo, and to take advantage of the B-B network created around the lab.

Aim of the living lab:

The core of the lab is to strengthen the collaboration between entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for the retail industry and retailers that seek to optimize their physical shopping experience. The goal is to increase the use of new technology in the industry and at the same time help Danish entrepreneurs succeed.

Expected outcome:

  • High thermal comfort
  • 10% lower energy bill through lower district heating return temperature
  • 20% less energy use for heating

Partners involved:

RetailTech Lab is a test centre for technological solutions for the retail industry. It is a meeting place for entrepreneurs, retailers, students, and not least for consumers. RetailTech Lab is made possible by Science City Lyngby’s more than 80 member companies and institutions, DTU, and Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. The project is supported by The Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth.


Lab Director Kim Hein


Phone: +45 60 60 30 50

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