Published 02. Jul. 2020

Project Zero

ProjectZero is a non-profit private-public partnership focused on transitioning Sonderborgs energy related carbon emission to ZERO by 2029. The priorities are:

1) energy efficiency

2) usage /  integration of excess heat from energy sources

3) energy from renewable sources

4) a balanced energy system with digitally based use of energy and storage capacity.

…which are displayed in a Sonderborg Living Lab – with the aim of scaling the solutions to cities around the world.

Citizen/company/stakeholder involvement is of key importance for reaching the ZERO carbon emission target, which was set in 2007.


Allan Pilgaard-Jensen, ProjectZero


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Mayor Erik Lauritzen signing the C40 agreement in Paris 2015. In June 2020 Sonderborg was one of the first Danish municipalities getting its climate action plan assessed as compatible with the C40 Climate Action Framework. Cities around the world can get inspiration from Sonderborgs action plan and living lab of a sustainable, integrated energy system.