Published 22. Jun. 2021

NOVASOL Living Lab: Holiday houses with pools

About the living lab:

Holiday houses in Blåvand - a tourist town in southwest Jutland – will be able to reduce CO2 emission significantly by controlling heating according to the production of wind energy.

The living lab incorporates data from 15 holiday houses with swimming pools and dehumidifiers. The living lab investigates how green energy can be utilized for intelligent heating of the swimming pools when the production from e.g. wind turbines and solar power cells is high and overall consumption is low. 

Progress so far:

In close collaboration with Center Denmark, EnergyCool has established a high-quality cloud setup in two summer houses with pools. In collaboration with the FED-partner ENFOR, the first balance models have been carried out and different setpoints for the swimming pools have been calculated. Based on these measurements and models, ENFOR has developed the first temperature forecasts for the Novasol Living Lab. In addition, weather forecasts and forecast models have been developed, and they have been used to calculate the heating of the pools for the next 24 hours in accordance with booking data from Novasol. Data transfer have been established with Center Denmark.

In close collaboration with DTU Compute, a house monitoring system has been developed to control and optimize the heating in the summer houses. The plan is to expand the high-quality cloud setup to 13 additional summer houses. The expansion will take place during June 2021.

Partners involved:


Contact: Thomas Kieldsen


Phone: +45 31 26 77 83

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The living lab is part of the project Flexible Energy Denmark