Published 20. Mar. 2020

KONSTANT Living Lab:
Power Grid in eastern Jutland

About the living lab:

The KONSTANT living lab incorporates load values from 225,000 consumers (both residential housing and small industrial customers) in Eastern Jutland. The living lab will provide both consumption and production data. 

Progress so far:

Throughout the year 2020, a lot of efforts have been made to establish the right framework for the KONSTANT Living Lab. It has been a goal for the team participating in the Living Lab to find the suitable focus and milestones. It quickly became clear that the KONSTANT Living Lab should pool its forces with Aarhus Harbour. The industrial harbour area is the perfect test area for this Living Lab to achieve its milestones better.

In the autumn 2020, work on expanding the Living Lab and including Aarhus Harbour as an industrial test area was begun. When the collaboration was agreed on, the next steps were to develop targeted scenarios for the promising Living Lab. Upon suggestion from KONSTANT, Dansk Teknologisk Institut (DTI) became FED-partner, and immediately online measurement points related to the cooling houses and the reefer containers were found, and interesting measurement points for tracking the power quality of the grid in the test area were established. First steps towards involving Lundsøe and APMT as industrial partners were made. The plan is to start a collaboration with Lundsøe and APMT in spring 2021.

Partners involved:


Contact: Jesper Pedersen Langvad, KONSTANT


Phone: +45 25 35 74 35

The living lab is part of the project Flexible Energy Denmark