Published 18. Nov. 2020


About the lab:

The IoT-MGLab is a living laboratory conceived to test and demonstrate real-life community and residential microgrids.

The structure is equipped with several means of dispersed generation (Roof-top PV panels, wind turbine and fuel cell system), real-time control platform, with several communication protocols. The laboratory also comprises DC/DC converters, power electronic loads and IoT- ready appliances. IoT-MGLab also benefits from a computing layer mainly driven by MATLAB and GAMS solvers and is used as backbone for different batch and operational pipelines (such as optimization, estimation and forecasting).

The IoT-MGLab provides the following areas of special competence:

  • Modelling and control of energy systems.
  • Integration of renewable and energy storage.
  • Smart metering and open-source energy digitization platforms, including database & AI.
  • Integration of energy management systems and demand response.

Partners involved:

  • Kamstrup
  • Develco
  • Sonnen
  • SerEnergy
  • Danfoss
  • Orbital
  • DET Obelske Familiefond


Josep M. Guerrero       Juan C. Vasquez



(+45) 20378262            (+45) 99409724

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Activities supported in the lab:

The IoT-MGLab is a living energy platform specifically designed for the validation of:

  • Energy management systems and demand response programs.
  • Power electronics and ICT platforms.
  • Integration of renewable energy generation mix and storages, under grid-connected and off-grid scenarios.
  • IoT-based real-time monitoring and automation for energy efficiency and people comfort.
  • Smart home appliances.

Selected cases:

H2020-ICT–2015 - Period: 2016-2019

AAU Strategi - Talent Management Programme - Period: 2017-2019

Industrial Project - Sonnen inc - Period: 2020 – 2021 

InnovationFonden, Research Centre - Period: 2016-2021

H2020 -LC-SC3-CC5-2018 - Period: 2018-2020

Facts about the lab:

The IoT-MGLab is a smart house with surface area of 60 m2, which can be used as a demonstrator of DC or AC distribution electrical systems to test resiliency and energy efficiency.

The lab is equipped with:

  • Roof-top Photovoltaic systems (10 kWp).
  • Permanent magnet wind turbine (5 kW).
  • Lithium-Ion battery pack (5kWh).
  • Methanol-based fuel cell system (5 kW).
  • DC and AC power electronic systems.
  • An underfloor heating-cooling system.
  • EV charger (up to 22kW).
  • Appliances: washing machine, dryer, kitchen, microwave, oven and freezer, which are IoT-ready and all of them controlled with Zigbee-based smart plugs.
  • Real-time energy control platform including energy management and operation systems with forecasting and optimization.
  • Multi-protocol sensor network with smart devices: meters, plugs, cables, relays, sensors, etc.