Published 19. Nov. 2020

Energy Test Zone Ærø - Sønderborg

About the living lab:

In order to achieve the goal of 70% CO2 reduction before 2030, there is a need for the development of new technology and new ways of collaborating. EnergiTestzonen Ærø (Energy Test Zone Ærø, the Test Zone in short) differs from other experiments that usually focus on one single technology, in that it has a comprehensive national focus with international perspectives. In practice, the aim of the Test Zone is to test and develop technology, methods and forms of collaboration in the shape of prototypes which, as a whole or in part, can be upscaled to encompass all of Denmark and Europe.

In order to achieve this goal, the Test Zone will create an operational prototype on the future Danish ”energy islands”. The prototype will encompass the production, storage and consumption of sustainable energy, as well as a digital marketplace for mutual purchase and sale of energy.

The prototype will consist of both known and newly-developed technology with an emphasis on the utilization of digitalization and data to provide efficient and secure control of energy production and consumption with the aim of achieving a high level of security of supply for Danish consumers and companies. The digital marketplace will be online 24-7 and support a secure and efficient energy trade, ensuring that consumers get the lowest possible energy price with no loss of money for the state with regards to current taxes and dues.


  • Sønderborg Municipality
  • ProjectZero, Sønderborg
  • Ærø Municipality
  • Center Denmark
  • Technical University of Denmark

The Test Zone is recommended by Danfoss.


Bjørn Holmgaard


Phone: +45 42 61 46 65

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