Published 22. Jun. 2021

Aalborg Forsyning Living Lab: District heating in northern Jutland

About the Living Lab:

The living lab will incorporate indoor climate data (CO2 level, relative humidity, indoor air temperature) from two residential areas including apartment buildings and single family houses.

The apartment buildings are equipped with CTS systems. 

The main focus of the living lab is intelligent control of local district heating mixing loops in private homes for optimization of the grid.

Progress so far:

FED-partner Neogrid collaborates with Aalborg Forsyning, Aalborg University and Aarhus University on this Living Lab. Neogrid has implemented equipment in apartment blocks and detached houses on Ravnkildevej and data collection and transfer to Center Denmark has been established. In addition, Neogrid carried out different tests to model demand-response heat signals, and first attempts on controlling the heat signals have been made.

Much of the effort from Neogrid has been to implement the right CTS-system. Most of the second half of 2020 was used on finalizing and tuning the CTS-system. In continuation of this, the first models of the meter readings have been developed. Furthermore, first testing in temperature optimization has been accomplished.

Neogrid are collaborating with the FED-partner Xtel in setting up temperature sensors at the locations. In addition there have been a focus towards the tenants perception of living in a house with intelligent control.

For implementation of the models, it has been chosen to go with apartment blocks at Fyrkildevej, where the control system can be fully tested. This is expected to in place during Q3 2021.

Partners involved:

  • Aalborg Forsyning
  • Neogrid

Contact: Henrik Lund Stærmose, Neogrid


Phone: +45 30 65 46 61

The living lab is part of the project Flexible Energy Denmark